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Lead Generation & Enrichment

We work with startups to quickly and dramatically grow their lists of leads and prospects. We do it through primary research done by our analysts – adding leads one at a time so they’re accurate.


Buying lists does not work – work with Arcgate to maximize your targeted outbound and demand generation efforts.

We build custom lists manually based on your specific criteria to help your sales outreach initiatives. We research leads by carefully combing through the best online databases that match your specific criteria. This allows your SDRs to focus on closing deals instead of spending time creating lists or cleaning stale data in your CRM.

Everything is customized according to your needs. You tell us what you need and our experienced and trained team of analysts will research those leads.

You indicate target job titles, industries, company size, location or any other criteria and our team will hand pick each lead for you, according to the criteria you specify.

Do you want CTOs in Fortune 1000 companies? We’ll make you that list. Are you looking for Owners and GMs at restaurants? We’ll create those lists for you.

Our team verifies all email addresses – as a result, our bounce-back rates are typically less than 2%. You don’t have to pay for any emails that bounce back.

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