Disruption in the World of Ecommerce

The Arcgate Podcast: Disruption in the World of Ecommerce

Disruption within the retail industry is not entirely new. In early 90’s the ‘Big-Box’ stores like Walmart, Target began to replace mom and pop stores by becoming one-stop-shops for consumers and satisfying all their paper-shopping-list needs. Today, theses disruptors are being disrupted by ecommerce and online marketplaces. No longer do consumers need to make a stop at all! Online shopping has not only changed the shopping experience but also customer expectations; and it is the one that is having a far reaching impact around the globe. For established or emerging companies and startups; it is easy to take on a U.S. centric view when thinking about consumers, but making cross-continental connections is crucially important. What strategies may work in U.S may not work in Asia; thus it is important for companies to understand consumers in different markets to curate and personalize the online shopping experience.

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