Sharing Thoughts on Sharing Economy

The Arcgate Podcast: From borrowing things to renting homes, the sharing-economy is showing no signs of slowing down – and it is being driven by technology

The sharing economy has been disrupting and transforming industries, with companies like uber disrupting the taxi industry and Airbnb disrupting the hospitality industry. The sharing economy has shown tremendous value in delivering incremental revenues for asset owners and improving the options for customers. In fact this collaborative creation, distribution and consumption of peer-to-peer resources have become a defining part of the consumer markets. Sharing economy actually has a shot at disrupting any industry in which products can be shared for use. If we think about it the industries already disrupted by sharing economy can said to be equipment rentals, hostels and bed and breakfast, book rentals, car rentals, dvd rentals etc. And those are just a few, there are probably hundreds of industries, both big and small, that the sharing economy could into to disrupt and probably will.

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