Trends in AdTech - Programmatic, Cross-Platform, Native, Ad-Blocking and more

The Arcgate Podcast: Hot Trends that Will Keep Pushing Advertisers and Publishers to Reinvent Themselves

As more and more advertising technology companies are jumping on the bandwagon of all things programmatic; programmatic methods such as real-time bidding are becoming immensely popular. It is well-known fact in the adtech space that if the rate of supply growth is higher than the rate of demand growth, then the ad prices go down and display inventory becomes a commodity. Thus, by attaching data to inventory – publishers and other players can deliver better content in their ads, helping advertisers reach their customers more precisely, and customers themselves enjoy a user experience tailored to them. However, truly meaningful data in not valuable in quantity alone; it should be enriched, analyzed and combined with other sources such as location, behavioral and senor-related data. The virtual reality and augmented reality will also make it possible to get the most out of mobile advertising – as it is location based, active, interactive and social in one. Whether it’s desktop, tablets or mobile, consumer ad blindness is becoming an ever greater challenge and thus native ads have now firmly established themselves as an alternative and will continue their triumph with new formats.

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