Adapt or Perish All That is New in Real Estate Technology

Adapt or Perish All That is New in Real Estate Technology

Technology helps long-established real estate company stay on top

These days it holds quite true that businesses which do not leverage new digital pathways to innovation are at risk of being left behind. And so it’s not just the fast-paced startups that are leading the charge for change – this Grosse Pointe-based real estate company which is a bit of a local legend, known for brokering some of the area’s most-coveted homes is revolutionizing itself through new and transformative technology.

Commercial Real Estate Technology Giant Must Adapt or Perish

So why is commercial real estate (CRE) said to be “change averse” in contrast to the quickly evolving landscape on the residential side? Why hasn’t CRE data been made as widely public as its residential counterpart? It is not lack of technological adoption or complacently that has kept CRE data under lock and key, it is the vastly different nature of the two landscapes.

A former Wall Street exec is trying to do to real-estate what technology did to stock trading

Easy is as easy does. This residential real estate startup, EasyKnock, is on a mission to change the process of listing and selling one’s home by creating a platform that’s broker-free and empowers buyers and owners to connect directly and do it themselves.

Clients can ‘walk around’ inside apartments without leaving their home.

Taking home purchasing and designing to the next level with its cutting edge virtual reality technology is Metanoia Interactive – which creates a lifelike 3D simulation of a client’s home or property, and through its VR platform it allows the client to walk around inside it, using VR goggles, so that the viewer does not have to leave the office. Inside the VR simulation a client is then able to design and decorate the property choosing tiles, bricks, furniture and more.

Money Meets Innovation in Real Estate

Tech in real estate was not as robust is the past as it is today and so naturally investment follows innovation – these top two venture capital firms, Thrive Capital and 500 startups, have invested in a combined total of 17 companies in commercial real estate technology space.

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