AdTech Companies to Focus on Data, Creativity, Machine Learning, etc. to Define a Clear Path for Future

AdTech Companies to Focus on Data, Creativity, Machine Learning, etc. to Define a Clear Path for Future

A Few Takeaways from BostInno’s Future of AdTech Panel

Ori Stitelman, vice president of data science at Dstillery, Jay Habegger, CEO of ownerIQ, Doug Hurd, Co-Founder of clypd; Bettina Hein, CEO of Pixability; and Baba Shetty, CEO of Invisible Science discussed the future of AdTech and various issues impacting the industry, including the disconnect between data and the creative side, among other things.

2017 is adtech’s year of opportunity

Adtech has learnt the lessons of how to spend money well and its future is much more about successful operations like AppNexus and The Trade Desk running ahead of a successful and fit-for-purpose pack than any ‘Adtech Armageddon’. Adtech companies are focused on adding real value to their products by investing as much as they can in product and engineering and do not wish to be saddled with huge valuations that can become a millstone around their necks, and so have been much slower to IPO and want to be sure they are ready to prove long-term value.

Ad tech in 2017: It’s time to focus on outcomes

2017 looks to be a huge year for ad tech in terms of acquisitions and advances in technology. Looking at the market consolidation within the last year, there have been key arcgate-assets such as the role of video within digital advertising, machine learning, big data, ad addressability and the importance of provable return on ad spend. Moving forward ad tech providers have a clear path for 2017 of building unique technologies that empower advertisers with singular capabilities, which are highly correlated with driving return on ad spend.

Mobile ad startup Vungle says it’s hit a $300M revenue run rate

Vungle, a marketing platform for in-app video ads, announced record company growth, reaching a $300 million annual revenue run rate, a milestone very few companies have reached in the adtech industry. Vungle which is now used in 40,000 mobile apps, has been getting access to post-install data, so it can measure whether its ads bring in users who actually open an app and spend money.

Spotad lands $3.5 million, moves into China with its AI-driven mobile adtech

Combining broad data, marketing data, and machine learning, Spotad’s AI-driven platform understands when a target demographic is most likely to be on their phones and when there is a high chance of driving a conversion from a mobile ad. The algorithm automatically places real-time bids for ads that will be seen by that target audience at the time when they are most likely to look at it. The company claims this leads to click-through and conversion rates that outperform current benchmarks.

Tipalti CEO Explains How to Stay Ahead in the AdTech World

Tipalti offers them a smooth process for selecting the right payment method and currency for their locale, for completing very complex tax forms, and for being proactive in letting the publisher know when they can expect payment or how to self-service in case of a payment issue. We give them visibility, control, and confidence around the most sensitive and critical area of the network-partner relationship: getting paid. For the publisher or affiliate, they need simple, clear processes.

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