AI, Logistics, On-Demand, Big Data and More in Marketplaces & Ecommerce

AI, Logistics, On-Demand, Big Data and More in Marketplaces & Ecommerce

E-commerce’s ‘big, bold’ Model or a mess?

Shoe love is true love! But seems like all is not hunky-dory at – touted as the top ecommerce startup in Canada – is getting some serious flak as it juggles with unhappy customers, allegations of unpaid bills, and big staff reductions.

Giftbit lets retailers create their own e-commerce currency

Giftbit launches a new tool which can power any custom currency the business needs – whether its promo codes, refund credits, email codes, etc. It can also help merchants to run reports, track, manage and edit contacts inside to see what’s working and more!

Payscout: Report Shows 92% of Consumers Use Online Marketplaces; Growing Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

A report by a leading global payment processing provider, PayScout, points out growing opportunity for entrepreneurs as 92% of consumers use online marketplaces.

Why Big Data is Part of E-Commerce’s Future

Personalization, pricing, conversions, inventory management, etc. – ecommerce most of the times is equal parts science and art – but big data stakes its claim as an inseparable part of ecommerce’s future!

E-Commerce Is a Boon for Rural America, but It Comes With a Price

Ecommerce has changed the way rural America shops but providing small-town residents with big-city conveniences is costly for retailers and delivery services.

How SoulCycle, Amazon, And Reebok Are Leading The Way In Ecommerce

The future of ecommerce is vast and if companies and brands can rightly tap into the behavioral data to provide a phenomenal and relevant user experience, they will find it easier to convert users and retain customers on a long-term basis.

Weebly Adds More E-Commerce, Marketing Capabilities to Its Website Builder

This startup has expanded its website builder with a focus on e-commerce and marketing, along with more insights and mobile management. Guess that’s the new normal!

Should You Compete with Amazon or Sell on Amazon?

Should you compete with amazon or sell on Amazon? As marketers whether you choose a marketplace or site-first strategies, you need to remember online shoppers are always looking for value, and marketers who give them the best deal and experience may just attain brand loyalty.

ECOMMERCEIn Support Of The (Best) On-Demand Marketplace

A very “critical component” of a marketplace: Integrated Support – is more valuable than it has ever been. We want things on demand and we want them as easy and efficiently as possible. For the on-demand marketplace, what goes on behind the scenes — and what happens when disputes arise between buyers and sellers — can be just as important as actual transactions.

Etsy acquires AI startup Blackbird Technologies

Artificial intelligence meets online marketplace. Etsy acquires AI startup Blackbird Technologies to improve search functionality and provide shoppers with more relevant search results with the hopes this will drive up conversion rates.

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