A Blockbuster Merger, a New Unicorn & a Few New Events in Real Estate Tech

A Blockbuster Merger, a New Unicorn & a Few New Events in Real Estate Tech

The 10 biggest real estate tech deals of 2016

The real estate tech industry in 2016 could be summed up in one phrase: the big kids took over the playground. Though there was a drop in the number of new startups and many fledgling companies struggled to secure financing, the established firms scored big money from investors and took steps to cement their market dominance. The year’s highlights include a blockbuster merger, a new unicorn and a securitization. Here are the 10 biggest real estate tech deals of 2016

It’s Time for a New Kind of Commercial Real Estate Event

Beginning January 2017, CRE.tech is launching a groundbreaking series of educational events for commercial real estate professionals. No matter how experienced you are at your business, real estate technology is providing new tools and opportunities to boost your productivity and efficiency. At CRE.tech LIVE (a new kind of commercial real estate event) you won’t be bombarded by pushy salespeople. The speakers and presenters are committed to helping you discover innovative products, services and best practices that will help you stay competitive in today’s fast-paced real estate world.

Real Estate Tech: Disruption In Slow-Mo

The real issue in real estate technology isn’t a lack of innovation but the slow pace at which most brokers and agents adapt whenever a major shift occurs in the industry. Real estate is undergoing an epochal shift in technology. The recent spread in AI and Big Data technology will be felt in real estate over the next decade.

Commercial real estate technology firm F9Analytics releases F9Analytics Anywhere™

F9Analytics was founded to deliver superior technology centric financial solutions to the commercial real estate industry. And with F9Analytics Anywhere™ users now have a seamless desktop/mobile leasing technology that accelerates leasing with finance; empowering precision leasing decisions from anywhere, and thereby bridging the financial gap between asset managers in the office and leasing agents in the field.

Special Report: 2017 real estate industry outlook

Technology and big data will continue to have a major impact on agent productivity in 2017 and more tech innovation is expected in artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the real estate industry in 2017 claims the industry heads.

CBRE Group, Inc. Acquires Floored, Inc., a Leading Producer of Advanced Technology for Commercial Real Estate

CBRE Group, Inc. today announced that it has acquired Floored, Inc., a leading producer of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, including scalable, interactive 3D graphics technology, for the global commercial real estate industry. Floored gives CBRE’s professionals and clients access to advanced technology, and significantly increases the company’s capabilities to develop technology innovations that enhance marketing and leasing of commercial properties.

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