Consolidation Funding New Products all this and more in Ad Tech

Consolidation, Funding, New Products – all this and more in Ad Tech

Adtech Is in for a Rough 2017. The Visible Measures Collapse Is Just the Beginning

Expect a flood of consolidation in ad-tech. The sector has become toxic to investors. Last year the number of adtech deals fell 17% from the year prior. Yet not all ad-tech companies are duds. The Trade Desk, which went public last fall and is trading up 26% from its first day, has bucked the trend, thanks, in part, to its profits.

Narrative Sees $2.25M Seed Round For Data Marketplace

Narrative’s marketplace allows data buyers to find sellers and bid on their data. Sellers can also leverage the platform to manage their transactions. While the startup’s focus has thus far been in the adtech space, Narrative’s capabilities could extend beyond marketing and advertising.

As Telecoms Buy Up Ad-Tech Players, New Levels of Data Targeting Seem to be Afoot

Consider how people are currently targeted, and often hyper- targeted, online already. But then imagine cross-device advertising being powered by almost everything in one’s internet history combined with the intelligence that can also be gleaned from smartphone apps. Evidently, the wealth of data about a mobile subscriber that a telecom can potentially utilize with ad placements is impressive—to say the least.

The Market For Ad-Tech Startups Is As Inhospitable As Ever

If a startup can’t clear the incredibly high barrier to entry and its technology can’t generate exciting margins, it should stay out of ad tech. So whether trying to enter on the demand side or the supply side, a viable business means having data at scale and sophisticated connectivity. And that’s the crux of an industry driven by big data – those who enter the market late are behind because each iteration of technology reflects insights and application from real-world data.

Popular Pays raises $3.1M in new funding to connect marketers and creators

Popular Pays announced that it has raised an additional $3.1 million in a round led by GoAhead VC with participation from Pallasite Ventures and Hyde Park Angels. Popular Pays offers tool that help marketers manager many creators at once and to A/B test the content they produce. And the company is expanding the way it makes money by licensing the technology to other businesses and also working with resellers.

Adobe is now officially an ad tech company

Adobe announced The Adobe Advertising Cloud at its’ annual summit and the advertiser cloud can be integrated with other existing products that marketers use, such as Adobe Analytics, typically includes three components: Search, TubeMogul’s demand-side platform, and what Adobe calls “dynamic creative optimization,” which lets marketers change and test what their ads look like, depending on their performance.

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