Costco, Crate & Barrel, and Even Drones Gear Up For Ecommerce Wars

Costco, Crate & Barrel, and Even Drones Gear Up For Ecommerce Wars

Costco’s Battle Plan for the E-Commerce Wars

The company, beloved by its affluent clientele, is arguably one of the best performing retailers out there. Yet for all its success, the bulk discounter has an Achilles heel: it’s an e-commerce laggard.

Crate and Barrel Launches New E-Commerce Marketplace

Crate and Barrel launches its new “Create and Barrel Exclusive Marketplace,” – a highly curated marketplace offering consumers a broader selection of products based on its merchandising expertise.

Marketplaces on the rise: What does the future hold for e-commerce platforms?

The trend is in hyper-vertical and hyper-local marketplaces; many of them will support a single market or a single use case or utility.

Why Alphabet’s Drone Delivery Marketplace May Transform E-Commerce

With Wing Marketplace – The future is limitless. For a fee, drones could deliver food and groceries right at a customer’s doorstep from favorite restaurants and retailers. This latest innovation from Alphabet could be a huge investment opportunity.

‘Right Now’ Beats ‘Right Next Door’: How to Win at Ecommerce

Sure, shaking hands with every customer is charming in an “Andy Griffith” sort of way. But limiting yourself by excluding ecommerce could quash your business.

Geenee picks up $4.4 million Series A to make Instagram more shoppable

It just seems to be getting simpler and simpler! This startup is providing a platform that lets users shop on Instagram by simply taking a snapshot of the post they like, uploading it to its app, and choosing the item they want to buy.

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