Diet Tracking, Groceries at Doorsteps, Home-Cooked Meals with Food Tech

Diet Tracking, Groceries at Doorsteps, Home-Cooked Meals with Food Tech

You May Now Track Your Diet By Taking Photos Of Your Food

Snap it to lose it! Food photos are not just for Instagram anymore – photo data, food data and eventually, location data is making this app a lot smarter and aims to help users track their diet by taking photos of their food.

Food Tech Company FreshDirect Raises $189M in Funding

Grocery and food delivery companies are a big convenience for busy urban customers and with a fresh round of funding, despite growing competition in online groceries space, this company intends to keep making grocery shopping more convenient and easier.

Food Tech’s Environmental Effect

Food inventory is one of the most difficult aspects to manage but thankfully as food technology gets more fine-tuned to provide and equip us with better data and inventory of stock will result in making more informed decisions which in return will eventually decrease food waste.

How Fake Orders Are Screwing Up The Food Ordering Business

Predictive analysis, common keywords for bug testers, tracking real time bounce of emails: some of a few much needed breakthrough ideas to counter fake orders!

How Technology Will Shape the Future of Restaurant Management

Technology has already changed how we prepare, order or get our food delivered to us – it is now set to transform how restaurants will manage its workforces, manage their schedules, forecast sales, assess or hire employees and increase productivity.

Mobile Tech Influences Diners’ Restaurant Selection

A great insight into how mobile tech is making more and more diners demand a better mobile experience for food services and how important it is becoming in influencing diners’ restaurant selection.

How The Apple Watch May Help Restaurants Improve Customer Service

Apple watch apps and a forward-thinking approach to technology in hospitality put together – will reinvent hospitality and improve customer service by more than just a notch. Indeed, a forward-thinking approach!

Restaurant Execs Continue to Invest in Technology

Restaurants are embracing both customer-facing technologies such as loyalty programs and personalized offers along with focusing on backend technology to improve overall efficiency with predictive analytics and internet of things (IoT)

Why Danny Meyer Just Invested in a Home-Cooked Food Delivery Startup

Umi Kitchen, is an app that like so many others, wants to deliver you food. The catch is that the food is homemade, likely by a perfect stranger, and one who isn’t necessarily a professional cook. A slew of heavy-hitting venture capitalists are betting it’ll be a success. But in a sea of startups looking to bank on home cooking, is Umi Kitchen built to float?

Chew on These Hot Atlanta Food-Based Startups

Chew on these hot Atlanta based food startups. Here is a list of established and emerging food tech startups that promise to truly deliver. Our mouths are watering already!

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