Ecommerce IPO’s in US and Trends in South East Asia and China

Ecommerce IPO’s in US and Trends in South East Asia and China


These three hot e-commerce startups could have surprise IPOs in 2017

Not a single e-commerce company went public on a U.S. stock exchange in 2016, according to startup data firm CB Insights. But with the new year, there are some new possibilities — even in an industry dominated by Amazon. Here are three young e-commerce companies that could surprise the startup world with IPOs in 2017 – from pet supply products to personal stylist services.

11 trends that will shape Southeast Asian eCommerce in 2017

After identifying Southeast Asia as being on the cusp on an ecommerce golden age, Jack Ma and his team picked up Lazada the region’s leading ecommerce marketplace for a crisp $1 billion. The Lazada-Alibaba deal, Alibaba’s largest overseas acquisition to date, is a pivotal event for Southeast Asia and its implication span the entire commercial value chain from digital advertising, finance, and logistics, insurance and even healthcare.

15 luxury ecommerce startups led this founder to define success by acquisition costs

Victor, an on-demand private jet charter service offered through an online marketplace which is Clive Jackson’s fifteenth startup, services the crème de la crème or, as Jackson puts it, “people who are at the top of their game, who are crafting their universe around themselves”. Jackson’s market segment, populated by HNWs and ultra-HNWs, is niche but the sector retains many of the same entrepreneurial conventions.

China’s Internet Firms Take Their Fight to New Arena

A new battleground is emerging for China’s internet companies: a fast-growing multination market in Asia with almost double the U.S. population. As Beijing grapples with a slowing economy, the country’s top technology companies are spending aggressively to expand in Southeast Asia, home to 620 million people. Alibaba and Tencent have led deals with a combined value of more than $1 billion to advance and expand rapidly in e-commerce, logistics and social-network businesses in this region which is emerging as a very important growth area.

Large corporates raise the game

In an environment where interest rates are low, returns on most asset classes are lackluster and investors are eagerly hunting for yield, the worry is that all the money being poured into the ecosystem in search of the next big thing might be creating a bubble, bumping up start-up valuations and funding unsustainable business models. But investors say that is not so and the coming -year will see even more growth in South-east Asia’s tech talent pool and Singapore’s role as the region’s hub.

Startup Spotlight:’s online marketplace helps you buy museum-quality prints from top photographers

Artists and photographers who want to sell their work as high-quality physical prints have a new tool at their disposal.’s online marketplace helps you buy museum-quality prints from top photographers. Founders Kevin Jaspal and Blair deLaubenfels started the company after speaking with hundreds of popular photographers and learning about their frustration with selling physical prints of their work while maintaining high quality and customer service.

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