Food Technology at the Forefront for Both Customers and Restaurants

Food Technology at the Forefront for Both Customers and Restaurants


What’s Next for #RestaurantTech

If 2016 was the year of finding sustainable, long term and realistic solutions to issues pertaining to food systems and restaurants, 2017 will be the year that these technological solutions will become prevalent.  In 2017 food technology will be at the forefront and both restaurants and patrons will witness how technology will begin to help our food systems and make restaurants more efficient, sophisticated and customer friendly. Here are some restaurant tech trends that will become more prevalent in 2017.

Feed your cravings | Locals launch restaurant app

John Doolan and Thao Doan of Truckee are the architects of Kynbo, a new app that is a win-win for both restaurants and diners. Kynbo, which means “vicinity” in Japanese, helps diners find an area restaurant for their specific cravings of food and atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a restaurant that serves spicy tapas along with live music and happy hour specials or a casual cafe with vegan muffins and organic coffee, you only have to swipe a finger to feed your cravings. Restaurants post current menu items with photos, daily and weekly specials, reward programs and special events. The information is immediate and up-to-date in real time.

Byte Foods raises $5.5 million for smart vending machines that serve local fare

A San Rafal-based startup called Byte Foods has raised $5.5 million in seed funding to popularize its smart vending machines and delivery service stocking them with nutritious food and drinks from local vendors.

Mobile Video Game Influences Children to Choose Healthier Food

Fooya, developed by the US-based medical technology company Friendslearn, helps children in distinguishing healthy food from junk through a 160-level game. Children progress from one level to the next when they choose healthy options such as fruits, dairy products, vegetables and grains. When unhealthy food like soda is chosen, they lose points, put on weight and find it difficult to move.

Just Eat feasts on chatbots to build the ‘greatest digital food marketplace’

From choosing the right takeaway to tracking your order, buying food online is becoming as seamless for customers as it is complex for Just Eat to manage, meaning the food service must innovate at every stage of the transaction to keep its expansion costs down.

POS Partners, Inc. Signs 7-Year Exclusive Agreement With Chowly, Inc.

POS Partners, Inc. announced that it is has signed an exclusive 7-year agreement with Chowly, Inc. A Chicago-based company whose sole focus is integrating third-party online ordering systems, Chowly offers a software solution that integrates a restaurant’s POS platform with third-party online ordering solutions (TOOS) such as GrubHub, Chownow, Door Dash and Eat24, significantly reducing order error and increasing speed and efficiency.

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