Highs and Lows of Food Delivery

Highs and Lows of Food Delivery

Foodee food delivery service starts in Pittsburgh with “the food culture of the city”

“If you have to work through lunch, the food better be good,” says Ryan Spong after a 12-year career in finance on Wall Street. His startup, Foodee, aims to take on the complacent-yet-expensive corporate catering industry and wants to bring joy to office workers by breaking free from the clutches of terrible free food in conference rooms.

Why Silicon Valley VCs Are Giving Up on On-Demand Delivery

Led by Sequoia and another blue-chip Silicon Valley firm – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – venture investors have poured at least $9 billion into 125 on-demand delivery companies over the past decade. But that torrent of money has slowed to a relative trickle in the last half of this year. So why is Silicon Valley giving up on On-Demand delivery.

Deliveroo Helps Dish Out Takeout Dinners Closer to Home

“This year is about learning, measuring data,” says Rohan Pradhan, Deliveroo’s director of special projects. The British company, which has become one of the world’s biggest meal-delivery providers, is rolling out permanent satellite kitchens – the latest experiment in the tech industry’s drive into the enormous food-delivery market.

Getting the Real Dish on Food Delivery

Delivery has long been a component of America’s pizza joints and Chinese food purveyors, but now – as time-strapped consumers demand convenience – all manner of restaurants are offering door-to-door To-Go services. And laying claim to this business opportunity is a growing industry of online third-party delivery services, eager to run the delivery relay on behalf of restaurants.

PetPlate Is the First Dog Food Delivery Service That Puts Quality First

This New-York based startup is completely changing the pet food industry by not only making gourmet pet meals with quality ingredients but by also delivering them to your door step in containers that would make Cheesecake Factory look like an actual factory.

Eating out but staying in – dining trends for 2017

In a trend that’s been described as the Airbnb of food, has given rise to a host of startups that allow home cooks to connect with adventurous tourists and locals alike.

Ten Food Trends That Will Shape 2017

With over $1 billion invested in food startups and projects alone in 2016 alone, here are ten food trends that will shape 2017.

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