Innovations, Trends, Deals, Funding and More in Food Tech

Innovations, Trends, Deals, Funding and More in Food Tech

Restaurant Tech Trends To Watch in 2016

As the world moves towards technology embedded lives, it is vital for restaurants to adapt and use it on order to stay successful for years to come. Even though customers flock to restaurants for non-technology entertainment, restaurants should optimize the use of technology and be in the know of these top trends which can serve them better.

Food tech might not be as hot as you thought

Food technology starts up were the darlings of investors and attracted millions of dollars in funding but we are now hearing often that they are reeling under financial pressure and funding has slowed down. But is it all really bad news? Here’s a peek into food tech financing capturing which sectors are gaining and which are losing.

Tech innovations that could reduce food waste

Someone wise said, “Love and food are meant for sharing not for wasting.” And we are glad that these tech startups are taking note of this quote to bring innovations that could reduce food waste.

Square is chasing growth by expanding its lending business to non-Square merchants

Payment processing technologies and data combined together aim to redefine lending money or loans for restaurants by reducing acquisition costs, minimizing risks and keeping default rates low. Read here to find out more.

Big Data Serves Up Big Benefits for Restaurant Managers

Big data will be a boon for restaurants and the data from its POS, loyalty programs, customer surveys, marketing promos, and inventory systems etc. are going to be instrumental in shaping this industry and will go much more beyond than just clocking in its guest profiles.

Food Tech Market Landscape

So far, in the food tech industry, we know (or have read) that the bulk of funding has gone to food e-commerce (defined as food delivery services, grocery services etc.), however, lately a few startups are waking up and smelling the coffee to innovate in unique categories like subscriptions, international snacks, next-gen food and beverages etc.

What’s in your food? Tech will tell!

What’s in it for me? The answer lies in tech. Technology is empowering consumers with knowledge about what’s really in the food we eat. Food data made simple – by Sage Project!

Powerplant Ventures closes $42 million fund to back “plant-centric” food and tech startups

Investing in the power of plants! Plant-centric food and tech companies can look forward to some good company with Powerplant Ventures for some interesting food for thought.

How Machine Learning Will Change What You Eat

Smarter technology could make farms more efficient and food tastier, though environmentalists argue none of it is guilt-free.

Has Food Tech Lost Its Flavor? Investors Dial Back On Funding Food-Focused Startups

Time to wrap so grab that cup of coffee and catch up on the annual deals and dollars in food tech!

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