Logistics, Markdowns, Customer Data, or Tech the Future of Ecommerce

Logistics, Markdowns, Customer Data, or Tech the Future of Ecommerce

The Future of Ecommerce Fashion Isn’t Style … It’s Tech

The future of ecommerce isn’t fashion…it is tech. It’s not that style doesn’t matter in fashion, of course, it does! However, simply being “cool” won’t cut it – And that’s why technology should be your new best friend.

Retailing And eCommerce, Back To The Future

Retailing and ecommerce – back to the future: to gain personalization, data is a necessity, and data is plentiful enough so that in the next year, some companies will become quite adept at predicting customers’ next purchases.

3 Ways to Use Customer Data to Increase Conversions Right Now

Hold your customer’s hand – here are 3 behavioral intent metrics and ways to use customer data which every ecommerce company should be collecting to increase its conversions

Markdowns A Wake-Up Call For E-Commerce Companies, Say Investors

Markdowns – a wake-up call for ecommerce companies, say investors

Here’s why e-commerce app Wish raised $1 billion in two years

Wish, the affordable mobile-friendly shopping app, which targets customers with low price goods such as dresses, watches, sneakers or jewelry aim to use its $1 billion in the bank to reduce shipping times.

This Online Used Car Startup Just Made a Major Pivot

This online marketplace for selling and buying used cars just hit a major pothole and made a pivot.

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