Mobile, Video, TV, Ecommerce etc. Ad tech is Transforming It All

Mobile, Video, TV, Ecommerce etc. Ad tech is Transforming It All

Adtech and martech are still worlds apart, and that’s a big problem

Adtech and martech have yet to pull their collective socks up and start working more closely together, but that’s not the only issue at hand. Mobile marketing suffers from being siloed as a channel and is often not connected to the overall marketing strategy, despite significant budgets being allocated to mobile opportunities.

Criteo snaps up HookLogic as adtech M&A gathers pace

Criteo will embed its predictive bidding and product recommendation features into HookLogic to help buff its performance and monetization.

Trade Desk IPO Inspires Other Adtech Names

The Trade Desk is a demand -side platform that works with advertising agencies, allowing them to buy online ads using automated technologies debuted on the Nasdaq inspiring other adtech names like AppNexus, DataXu etc.-that similar exits may open up for them.

MIT-Born Living Room Ad Monitor Raises $6.3M for Series A

Machine vision to track what’s on the television screen, who’s in the room, whether they’re paying attention, how they react to certain programming etc., and then use this data to analyze an advertisements’ performance to gain a better understanding of the key audience is.

Native mobile adtech startup Avocarrot acquired by Glispa Global Group for $20M

Described as a native advertising supply-side platform, Avocarrot which offers a monetization solution for mobiles apps via less intrusive native advertising got acquired.

TubeMogul attempts to simplify adtech with latest update

TubeMogul, a demand-side platform that helps media owners buy video inventory, launched its latest update to streamline workflow and claims to help advertisers significantly cut down the amount of time they spend managing campaigns

PART TWO: AdTech In 2020 – Mobile And Native

Data management platforms, mobile location services, creative services, mobile inventory services, native advertising platforms, publisher ad-servers, supply side platforms and much more – all these will account for adtech predictions which will force adtech vendors to continue to evolve.

ad:tech New York 2016 Announces New Content Alliance with Video Social Network

ad:tech New York 2016 tunes into – announces new content alliance with this video social network to reveal yet another creative highlight on its revamped agenda.


District M, plans to use its $8 million in funding towards ongoing investments in technology to help publishers maximize their online advertising revenues through campaign distribution platforms and data targeting strategies

Deal Watch: Two Big Firms Find McLovin in Ad-Tech Transaction

Two big firms are AppLovin it! Fenwick & West, which began counseling AppLovin on a range of matters shortly after its formation is currently advising the company on its proposed sale through corporate partners – and the deal is said to be a remarkable return for a mobile-marketing platform cofounded in late 2011 by Adam Foroughi with just $5 million.

AdTech firm Ogury raises $15m Series B led by Idinvest Partners

Ogury raises $15 million in a Series B round led by Idinvest Partners. Ogury aims to become the world’s largest mobile data platform. The startup’s device-level data collection technology is integrated in over 10K apps and it works to build a complete behivoral profile of that individuals’ phone usage to target advertising appropriately.

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