Real Estate Technology is Becoming More Mainstream

Real Estate Technology is Becoming More Mainstream

3 real estate tech trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Trends to watch out in real estate tech: Realtors are starting to use AI to target their advertising; however, data is the most critical asset to having the best AI. The jury’s still out on bitcoin as a viable currency for real estate transactions. But cryptos built-on blockchain technologies, has many practical applications for real estate and related industries. As we grow increasingly used to being off-site and working from anywhere, smarter mobile apps will increase our productivity and help us stay organized by wrangling all the information generated by all of our different emails, lead gen platforms, social media platforms etc. to grow the business.

Softbank invests $450 million in real estate tech company Compass

Real estate technology firm Compass is on the path to be the largest owner of real estate data, globally, and the No. 1 real estate technology company in the world. The company can said to be much more than a real estate company because it‘s “powering the best of technology and has announced that it‘s getting an investment of $450 million from the SoftBank Vision Fund; bringing its total capital raise to $775 million.

2018: PropTech 2.0

Entering 2018, PropTech, while still in its early innings as an industry, has matured. We can look forward to next year being a turning point for companies bringing modern solutions to the largest industry of the world, real estate. And by extension, the sector could be one of the most innovative and best performing within the tech industry overall.

Real estate robots: San Francisco startup using 3-foot-tall roving devices for showings

Zenplace launched in the summer of 2017, now, has a few hundred robots acting as home tour guides in the Bay Area. The startup says it wants to make the scheduling process easier for real estate agents and tenants; apparently the best way to do that is to switch out a human body for 3-foot-tall robotic devices. The remote Realtors can also switch out their faces for images of other neighborhood amenities, or information on rental history.

Big companies were increasingly obsessed with co-working spaces in 2017

One trend coming out of coworking spaces like Galvanize, The Alley, and Rise NYC is integrating incubators into their business development strategies. By offering space and an environment with resources, they are able to cater and retain members who are launching startups. Given the proliferation of the open office space seen in coworking spaces and startups, even the large media conglomerates and newly crowned tech giants started emulating several aspects of the startups. From integrating the open office layout into their own buildings to implementing happy hours and other cultural shifts, corporations are trying different workplace models.

5 trends shaping real estate marketing in 2018

Marketing is one of the top challenges for real estate agents today and the subject of so many of these articles. Most agents don’t come from a marketing background, and so they are learning skills, from the very basic to the very advanced, in addition to running their real estate business. Lead generation, chatbots, augmented reality, virtual reality etc. are a few trends in real estate marketing worth learning about and integrating into your 2018 growth strategy.

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