Shoppers Are Turning to Marketplaces and That is Shaping Online Retail

Shoppers Are Turning to Marketplaces and That is Shaping Online Retail

The marketplace for hand-crafted goods will acquire music gear marketplace Reverb for $275 million.

Internet retailer categorizes both Etsy and Reverb as niche marketplaces: they are both specialized multi- merchant shopping sites offering consumers a unique set of goods in specific retail vertical. However, Etsy is creating a presence for itself in a new vertical by acquiring Reverb. Although after being acquired, Reverb, will continue to operate as a standalone business.

‘Total retail’ strategy fuels strong growth at Joules as it marks 30 years in business

Joules, the top clothing and lifestyle brand has reported strong growth in its 30 anniversary year. The retail brand says its success in underpinned by its ‘total retail’ platform that ensures the customer experience is consistent across its channels, whether that’s online, in stores and concessions, at events and most recently via online marketplaces.

Startup Convictional Looks to Revolutionize the B2B Marketplace

Convictional targets specific small business segment as the logical market for their solution set and has gotten a funding from YCombinator. Convictional’s SaaS approach is to help the smaller businesses build marketplace business capabilities and remove the friction of EDI development, while allowing for business growth through the smaller pockets of sellers who don’t qualify for large order volumes.

Global Food E-Commerce: Mobile Payment Trends Create Online Grocery Growth in International Markets, reports Packaged Facts

Mobile payments are becoming central to online-to-offline grocery experiences and in cashier-less grocery stores – such as Amazon Go and Sam’s Club Now stores in the US, and BingoBox stores in China – transactions are made via shoppers’ smartphones, meaning that mobile payments are operative feature of these high-tech retail concepts.

Mobile marketplace OfferUp adds ‘Hold Offers’ feature as it battles Craigslist, eBay and Facebook

OfferUp is facing some serious competition from companies with more name recognition and bigger audiences. The company hopes to continue to gain more market share in additional markets with the new payments features that are also designed to up accountability. Integrated digital payments are a common practice in traditional ecommerce but still somewhat rare in person-to-person marketplaces. The new features are the latest move by OfferUp in the battle against its more well-known competitors.

How Peer-Driven Marketplaces Like Depop Build Online Relationships

With the success of sites like Depop, it’s clear that peer-to-peer ecommerce fills a need. Now, other retailers and platforms are starting to adopt this strategy with strong results and through the power of peer-driven marketplaces, young consumers are searching for a way to make ecommerce social again.

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