Standard Format for Exchanging Data between DMPs and DSPs

Standard Format for Exchanging Data between DMPs and DSPs, Ad Stack of the Future Will Be Cloud-Based, AdTech and MarTech mergers in the First Quarter

Sizmek will acquire Rocket Fuel for adtech consolidation

The acquisition of Rocket Fuel by ad tech company Sizmek, brings Omni-channel creativity and AI enabled decisioning together under one roof, providing out clients with a self-service predictive marketing platform that optimizes campaigns across the entire media plan.

Ad Tech Desperately Needs Data Exchange Standards

The OpenRTB protocol replaced all proprietary protocols for sending requests from supply-side platforms (SSPs) to demand-side platforms (DSPs), resulting in faster integration and a scaled ecosystem as a whole. While this solved the SSP-DSP interaction almost a decade ago, there is still unfortunately no standard format for exchanging data between data management platforms (DMPs) and DSPs, posing a major point of friction in connections between DMPs and DSPs.

Adtech and martech firms saw record number of merger and acquisition deals in first half of 2017

According to Results International, the first quarter of this year saw major Adtech and Martech merger and acquisitions. Deals struck during this period included Marketo’s acquisition of ToutApp and the significant purchase of Oracle of adtech measurement firm Moat for a speculative $850M. Another significant deal came through the aspiring Snap Inc. which bought Placed, a location-based marketing and analytics platform a reported $200M.

How The Cloud Will Disrupt The Ad Tech Stack

The ad stack of the future will be cloud-based, component driven, functionally independent from parallel web and data stacks and will have every component decoupled and re-bundled at the customers’ discretion. Importantly, almost all layers of existing ad stack will be reconceived as operational infrastructure, not as access to demand or supply.

Singtel unites its adtech offering behind the Amobee brand, bolsters C-suite

The acquisition of Turn by Amobee can now help marketers deliver on five marketing KPIs: global scale and reach; innovative technology; trusted advice; unique data and actionable insights. Shouvick Mukherjee joins from Walmart Labs where he was vice president of product and engineering, and will lead the company’s data science, engineering and technology teams.

Snap Inc. to Make Inroads into Ad Tech; Talks with AdRoll Reported

Snapchat is eyeing startups operating in the adtech and martech space to expand its ad business and assuage concerns regarding its stock price. It is keen on acquiring and has initiated acquisition talks with AdRoll. AdRoll serves about 30,000 customers who use its programmatic ad platform and till now, has raised approximately $91 million in VC funds. The acquisition of AdRoll, if it happens, would strengthen Snap’s grip on campaign management and ad-targeting together with its expertise is ecommerce sector.

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