Startups are Seeing More Funding to Change the Way We Sell, Buy or Rent

Startups are Seeing More Funding to Change the Way We Sell, Buy or Rent

Naborly lets landlords screen tenants automagically

Renters tend to focus their energy on knowing the characteristics of their ideal tenants, and rightly so. Want to know more about your tenant, yet, you don’t want to bombard them with questions? Yes!? Then please read on to see how this startup can help your know your tenant better.

New features at Hubzu ease distressed-home buying process

As a prospective homebuyer aren’t you always looking for a bargain price? Won’t you be willing to give a shot to biding at an auction for bank-owned homes? Find out how a real estate tech startup is helping people find one.

How technology is changing the real estate industry

Technology is making real estate break out of its decade old practices and transforming how property is searched, marketed, bought and shared (yes, co-working spaces are already being said to be the new era of working) by adapting to the latest tech developments.

How disruptive technology could improve real estate technology

Blockchain is buzzing and bets are on that it could improve real estate technology by providing the much needed transparency to push investments

Real Estate Technology’s Impact on Boutique Brokerages

Adapt to technology or be left behind! SaaS leasing platforms like Hightower, VTS, and easy access to market data with technological advancements is helping the ‘little guy’ catch up with ‘boutique brokerages.’

Uber co-founder is moving into real estate tech

This founder is drawing parallels between real estate tech and rideshare companies and is set to empower real estate buyers in the negotiation process.

Mobile Platforms Are Changing The Way We Buy Real Estate

“The problem is that software is only as good as the data that gets entered into is so agents might also need to consider hiring people to help them with their data entry and lead management,” says Susan Daimler of StreetEasy

RE tech startups think rental brokers are passé

Sidestep the brokers’ fees! These new startups can help you cut out brokers in your apartment search. Ain’t that happy news, now?!

Adwerx announces digital advertising tools for lenders

Here martech meets real estate tech! This startup aims to deliver lenders consistent ad campaigns across web, mobile and Facebook.

Funding To Real Estate Tech Startups Skyrockets In First Half Of 2016

A round up on how on how the real estate tech industry faired on the funding front in the first half of 2016 and which emerged as the most well-funded real estate tech startups.

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