Symbiotic Relationship between Walmart and Google

Symbiotic Relationship between Walmart and Google, Listings for Endurance Sporting Events, Online Used Cars Marketplace, Luxury Ecommerce in China and More

Two Cambridge grads and a MoneySupermarket veteran raise £1 million to build the Airbnb of marathons

Let’s Do This, founded by two recent Cambridge graduates, is a startup building a listings platform that lets people find endurance sports events – running, cycling, and swimming competitions. According to the founders, there are now about 1.5 million endurance races globally those exist in a massively disorganized and fragmented mess. Let’s Do This is here to organize all these events into one comparison site and allow throw extensive personalization, athletes to find their perfect race.

Carvana, the Amazon of Used Cars, Just Bought a Competitor

Carlypso which started as an online used car site to help regular people sell cars to their peers but it evolved into an online marketplace that gave consumers access to thousands of vehicles being sold by fleets or other wholesale markets. Carlypso’ value is the data and analytics tools it developed to accurately value cars without actually physically inspecting them and hence it was bought over by Carvana for its underlying data and analysis technology.

Facebook Invests In E-Commerce With ‘Marketplace’ Expansion

Facebook’s, Marketplace, which competes with sites like Craigslist and eBay doesn’t want to miss out on what is shaping up to be a major consumer habit. The social media company said its mobile-only-buy-and-sell tab, “Marketplace,” is gaining momentum and will be soon available across Europe.

The state of luxury e-commerce in China

The luxury spending power of China’s wealthiest customers is critical for brands and is too big to ignore. Farfetch, the most searched online luxury site in the world, has developed a separate system for developing and distributing online advertisements in the country, as materials and strategies that work elsewhere won’t work in China. Chinese customers expect fast delivery and they still expect a luxury experience defined by superior customer service. Hence it is important that luxury brands understand these differences. Louis Vuitton and Gucci plan to own all of their online operations in China, including marketing, shipping and delivery, and payments.

Beyond Amazon and Alibaba: what’s next for e-commerce?

Many assume the ecommerce game is over given the immense success of Amazon and Alibaba. But declaring game-over in these markets in a mistake. Both e-brands and vertical marketplaces can use curation, personalization and community to prevail in the U.S. and China markets and new startups can truly outsmart Alibaba and Amazon to take home a big piece of this ever-growing pie.

Watch out Amazon: Google and Walmart form e-commerce alliance to battle online retail giant

Walmart and google, the two giants, have established a symbiotic relationship to continue to battle Amazon in both digital and brick-and-mortar retails realms. Customers will be now able to make Walmart purchases through Google Express, an online marketplace and Walmart items will also be available through Google Assistant and Google Home, which competes with Amazon’s Echo, the market leader for voice-controlled devices.

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