Technology Helping Real Estate Industry Take the Leap Forward

Technology Helping Real Estate Industry Take the Leap Forward

Franchise tech: What you get from Windermere Real Estate

A great insight on how technology is making it easy by offering essential tools (CRM, CRA, Lead Scrubbing, Listings Search, Support etc.) to brokers / agents for making a sale!

Is the big real estate tech merger wave right around the bend?

Consolidations, acquisitions, acquihire or even integrating separate companies’ products in an attempt to get some of the benefits of the mergers without having to actually merge – is the big real estate tech merger wave right around the bend?

Tanner McGraw on Real Estate Tech and the Entrepreneurial Gene

An entrepreneurial gene, an inclination towards real estate, a desire to build a personal brand, and a will to minimize a substantial generational technology gap – Tanner McGraw, founder of real estate CRM startup Apto – set out to build a technological solution for commercial real estate to solve real estate CRM problems.

Meet The New Breed Of Real Estate Agents

Meet the New Breed of Real Estate Agents: Technology is not only closing the gap between consumers and sellers, but is also redefining the role of the person that brings them together.

Does Your CRE Data Deliver on Business Intelligence?

Back to Data Basics: As new technology and analytic solutions emerge, companies that make the investment now to ensure they have strong data fundamentals in-place will be well-positioned to leverage future innovations for peak performance.

Real Estate Tech Startup Launches, Crashes Servers, Sells Out DFW in Hours

A launch with some new and great features that made fireworks by crashing the servers was a sign of success, a sign of being sold out – Houses for Sale LLC is a real estate data provider that is hyper-localizing on a national scale.

Next Generation Building Management Platform Closes $5 Million Series A

This is all about making ‘smart’ buildings smarter! A new smart building maintenance and management platform, Site 1001, raised $5 million in series ‘A’ funding to bridge the gap between the old hodge-podge of paper and the hyper-connected automated ‘smart’ building systems of tomorrow.

Assets vs. Access: A Digital Reality for Commercial Real Estate

CRE and Digital Disruption – Many industries have been slow to adapt and CRE is said to be among the slowest. Should the CRE industry embrace the digital world or take the risk of letting tech startups disrupt it from the outside? It’s time to act. The future will not wait.

Commercial Real Estate Technology Takes a Leap Forward with RealNex’s Latest Release

RealNex takes a leap forward with its latest release of the new cloud-based RealNex CRM and consolidating its five legacy products into three solutions which the market had been clamoring for.

The Future of Real Estate Tech: How to Get an Agent to Sell Your Home for Free

Technology has changed the relationship between buyers and sellers, renters and landords, and builders and marketers. The future of real estate is here, read more to see how you can get an agent to sell your home for free.

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