The Changing Market of Food Delivery

The Changing Market of Food Delivery – Baby Food Delivery, Juicero’s Subscription Model to Delivery Only Restaurants

Just fund justeat reckons these five startups food techs.

Just Eat’s accelerator and seed programs in efforts to develop a thriving food tech ecosystem in the UK to innovate and back big ideas that will help drive forward this fast-growing sector in a sustainable way, has shortlisted these five startups: Buzzer, Nourish’d, MyBaker, Qincho and Sure, which have each shown outstanding attributes and huge potential to stand out from a large crowd of applicants.

Little spoon is a baby food delivery service hoping to fly where others flopped

A new, more niche prepared meal delivery service seems to be popping up – for babies! Yumi announced its launch recently, Gather, Ayesha’s Curry meal kit company also added a baby food delivery service; and Thistle, a healthy meal delivery startup in the Bay the Area, now makes baby food, too And then there’s Little Spoon, a new baby food delivery startup funded by Tinder’s Sean Rad and Kyle O’Brien from Chobani.

Silicon valleys 400 juicer one of the most lavishly funded gadget startups may be feeling the squeeze

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Alphabet Inc., and others venture capitalist joined in funding of Juicero. The subscription model of which had hit on a sweet spot for venture capitalists who invest in food tech companies. The success of Nespresso and Dollar Shave club have made VC’s eager to chase such deals, but after the product’s introduction last year, at least two Juicero investors were taken aback after finding the packs could be squeezed by hand and also because the machine was much bigger than what was proposed by Doug Evans, it’s founder.

Grubhub for work food a competition

Grubhub, the Chicago based online food ordering and delivery startup is expanding into feeding hungry office workers with a new platform, Grubhub for Work. The website lets employees and managers order meal delivery from area restaurants in Chicago with a price point right catering or a group of coworkers looking to get lunch from the same place. However, it growth may come at a price of another local company, Fooda, a venture-backed company which has been targeting the lunch market for years, using a pop-up model to expand variety for office workers who usually stay within a close radius of their workplace.

Will Delivery Apps Disrupt Fine Dining?

New startups that claim to get food from restaurant to a consumer’s couch in under an hour seem to pop up every few months, but while people are more likely that ever to order in, the fine dining space has also seen a surge in interest. And given these two dining options are surging side-by-side top-tier restaurants and chefs are embracing tech, such as ticketing app Tock, that makes it easier to get diners in the door to have food experiences that just can’t be replicated in a to-go box. The first sign is the opening of Ando restaurant which is a virtual, delivery-only eatery by famed Momofuku chef David Chang.

In escalating turf war food delivery apps move to the suburbs

Restaurant and booze delivery by the way of smartphone app may have started as a convenience for a select group of urban dwellers, but they are fast becoming a push-button option for people in suburbs and remote parts of counties around the nation. The suburban push appears to suggest increasing consumer appetite for at-home dining a la app. However, experts suspect other factors are at play since on-demand food delivery in a notoriously low margin business, so a lot of these startups are trying to go for economies to scale to achieve profitability.

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