The Next Sharing Economy Frontier and More

The Next Sharing Economy Frontier and More

Uber For Your Laundry Could Be The Next Sharing Economy Frontier

Laundry-as-a-sort-of-software-service has been knocking around at least since 2005, with a highly mixed track record as the space got increasingly competitive. At least 15 have been started in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Dubai. Some were born and died within a few years – including Washio that was already billed as an Uber for laundry: others, though, such as New York-based FlyCleaners and WashCycle of Philadelphia are still making a go of it.

Every Business Can Learn From The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is challenging the status quo of some of the world’s most traditional sectors. The hospitality and travel industries will never be the same again, with this new ecosystem expected to generate $335 billion in global revenues by 2025. Its significance to business today cannot be ignored. As the sharing economy continues to grow, there is much that more traditional organizations can learn from their agile business models and decision-making approach.

How The Fast-Growing ‘Sharing Economy’ Can Benefit Those With Disabilities

The startup economy in high-tech and co-working spaces are together breathing life into Center City Philadelphia. Startups, freelancers, independent contractors and companies seeking ‘distributed workspace’ options for their workspace will require an additional 100,000 square feet of space a year over the next five years, which is good news as there is nothing but growth ahead for the shared-workspace business model.

As sharing economy startups try to win hearts, Lyft says it adds $113M to Bay Area economy

As sharing economy startups try to win hearts, Lyft adds $113M to Bay Area economy and this study comes at a time when many sharing economy companies face increased regulation and criticism over the services they offer, from sharing homes to sharing rides.

Dumbo startup now allows you to build machine learning software on their future computers

This company is a bit like Airbnb, or many others of the sharing economy startups, but for processing power. Yes, you read it right! It pays for an asset, in this case super heavy duty GPUs and processing power, and rents it out to individuals’ users as they need it.

Vacation Rental Home Management: Pillow

Airbnb has become the poster child of the sharing economy! Now Turo wants to do the same for automobile. It styles itself as a car-sharing marketplace allowing travelers to rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a vibrant community of local car owners. Claiming that its app was the first of its kind in the US, Turo, features more than 800 marques and models and offers insurance for owners and travelers.

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