“Uber for X” Is a Real Trend and More

“Uber for X” Is a Real Trend and More

The ‘Uber for X’ Fad Will Pass Because Only Uber Is Uber

Uber the company is an undeniable success. But does that necessarily imply that “Uber for X” is a real trend? Or is “Uber for X” merely a red herring, a shiny object in the business, while Uber the company is quietly building a new kind of technology platform that will usher in omnipresent on-demand services of the future?

Communal Living: Should Real Estate Developers Be Interested?

Technology has seeped into virtually every aspect of the human experience these days and the sharing economy is just one manifestation of its impact. The rise of communal living is an attempt to fill a gap in the residential marketplace and a buzz continues to build around the startups that are spearheading the charge.

The sharing economy brings tycoon lifestyles within reach of some

Cars burn both gas and money. But here are two startups that can help you get the most out of both. One matches drivers with the perfect parking space at a fraction of the cost of traditional lots, and the other is making mechanics mobile by bringing garage services to the comfort of your own home.

Storage Share wants to be the Airbnb for storing your stuff

Sharing indeed in trendy! ‘Together, we have space,’ is the motto of this peer-to-peer storage space startup. Well, what can we say – more and more startups are tapping into the share economy, and a lot of them do so quite successfully.

Startup Monday: Tradeversity’s Sharing Economy Platform for College Students

This startup is essentially a way in which students and student entrepreneurs can reach their target demographics – other students. Tradeversity, offers a safe, simple and convenient platform for buying, selling and servicing other students on your campus.

Vacation Rental Home Management: Pillow

The less time you spend with the management of your vacation rental home, the more time you have to enjoy life. And that’s what this startup aims to do by minimizing your logistical headache and maximizing the value of your property by providing a one-stop solution to reduce the time and cost investment that you make.

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