Weddings, Luxury Antiques, Used Goods All Make it to The Digital Marketplace's Landscape

Weddings, Luxury Antiques, Used Goods All Make it to The Digital Marketplace’s Landscape

Are Online Marketplaces Coming to a Utility Near You?

Over the past decade, digital marketplaces have rapidly upended the dynamics of many established industries to have disrupted the B2C and B2B industries alike. And now the utility market is next. Amid a landscape of proliferating competition and customer choice, energy providers are pursuing new and better ways to engage customers and deepen their relationships. They are also bringing new products and offerings to the market – energy efficiency, demand response, distributed energy resources and more.

This French startup is trying to take away one of Amazon’s crucial advantages over small businesses

This French startup is trying to take away one of Amazon’s crucial advantages over small businesses. Wing, a French logistics startup, offers a delivery service to small and medium businesses, helping them to compete on similar footing to Amazon, and counts luxury brand Chanel, premium speaker company Devialet, and glasses company Bailey Nelson as customers.

Michael Bruno Launches Trade-Exclusive Marketplace Art-Design-Carta

1stdibs founder Michael Bruno is charting new territory for both himself and the design industry. After overseeing the luxury antiques and furniture marketplace’s operations for over a decade, he launched his latest endeavor, Art-Design-Carta, a trade-exclusive marketplace, in late 2016. The new platform functions as a vehicle for connecting architects and designers with the dealer community.

Analysis: What does the sharing economy mean for retail?

Planning a wedding remains a largely traditional pursuit. For many couples, it is a frustrating months-long project that requires sifting through masses of details and costs on venues, services and products. Now, a variety of start-ups are trying to cut down on that information overload by harnessing new technologies to capture a slice of a multibillion-dollar industry — what some have called the wedding-industrial complex. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs are swarming into the wedding space, but for many start-ups, getting a foothold in the market remains a challenge.

New players look to dominate e-commerce in 2017

Competition among e-commerce platforms has been fierce historically, with a few names controlling the lion’s share of the market. However, new data gathered by SimilarTech signals a seismic shift in the pecking order of ecommerce platforms in 2017. Based on the numbers, it’s also clear that diversity, accessibility, and ease of use are quickly becoming the cornerstones of success for modern ecommerce platforms.

Digital trade unions will empower tomorrow’s sharing economy employees

Letgo, an online marketplace for buying and selling used goods, said it raised $175 million to invest in growth plans and grab market share from EBay Inc. and Craigslist. Many startups have tried and failed to break dominance of EBay and Craigslist in the U.S. market for online used goods as it’s a tough challenge because the incumbents benefit from the network effect of established online marketplaces with millions of listings to lure bargain-hunters. However, Letgo is betting its technology will overcome this.

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