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Arcgate helps companies leading innovation in the advertising industry with data categorization, tagging, reporting and improving ad-matching relevance

Ad networks and monetization platforms help brands communicate key marketing messages across all screen formats and devices. They help publishers monetize their properties by delivering delightful ad experiences that blend seamlessly into the content in apps and websites.

Ad networks help drive app downloads, increase brand engagement and maximize revenue through reach and relevance. It’s critical for ad networks to deliver the most relevant and contextual ads to consumers. Doing this requires constantly improving the ad matching algorithms through machine-learning. Our human experts provide training data that results in constant improvements in machine-learning algorithms.
Mobile Ad tech companies are helping brands acquire new users, generate sales, and re-engage customers on mobile. By powering full-service ad buying, management and insights, these platforms are making it easier for advertisers to reach people with smarter in-stream ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. We help ad tech companies with reporting, analytics and monitoring ad performance.
Ad sales solutions provide real-time analysis, insights, and data that sales teams need to sell more ads. We help these solution providers with data enrichment and tagging services that allows them to do smarter analytics on a large set of clean and well-organized data.