Manual Quality Assurance & Testing Outsourcing Services

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We are hiring! Become an Arcgatian. Join our team and deliver outsourcing services to the most innovative companies in the world.

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Manual Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing Outsourcing

Our manual testing services provide comprehensive and reliable software quality assurance solutions that help businesses ensure the proper functioning of their software applications before their release to the market. Our team of experienced testing professionals uses manual testing techniques to uncover defects that automated testing may miss and ensure that your software application meets the highest quality standards.

We follow a rigorous testing process to identify and report any defects or issues in your application. We use a combination of manual testing techniques and tools to thoroughly test your software, including functional testing, regression testing, exploratory testing, and usability testing. This continuous stringent quality control effort ensures that your software application delivers a seamless user experience.

Our Manual Testing Outsourced Services

Our manual QA & testing services cover a wide range of applications, including web, desktop, mobile, and cloud-based software. Our testers are skilled in identifying potential issues in various operating systems, devices, and browsers, ensuring your application performs optimally on all platforms.

Functional Testing

Each use case is documented, step by step, and run through to validate its actual results against the expected results. We do a feature-by-feature validation of behavior, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data.

Integration Testing

We test the compatibility of individual modules with the entire solution to ensure smooth end-to-end working of the whole system. This helps identify potential system errors, and incorrect functioning of any module.

Smoke Testing

Create a smoke test suite which ensures that the newly deployed test build is stable and ready for quality verification, saving testing effort and time. This also helps identify defects at a very early stage, making the software development process efficient.

Security Testing

All software is prone to data breaches. Security testing helps keep sensitive user information protected and away from hackers and bad actors. Security testing checks confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, and authorization of the app to ensure all layers of protection work as intended.

Regression Testing

Consistent, repeatable validation of each new software release to ensure that new quality problems are not introduced due to the changes.

Configuration Testing

Our team will identify all potential outcomes that may occur from non-standard operations that are related to configuration changes in the system.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) Testing

Our QA engineers create UI test cases from a user’s perspective, imagining how a human will interact with the product the first time. We test all the various types of UI elements such as menus, toolbars, buttons, carousels, images, forms, fields and text. We also test the mobile responsive version of your application to make sure the user experience stays high quality.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is one of the final stages in the testing cycle, whether systems are developed internally or purchased from a third party vendor. We help ensure positive application roll out by providing structure, rigor and a consistent testing approach based on industry standards.

Compatibility Testing

We verify that your application looks and functions the same across all supported hardware and software configurations. The variables typically include browsers, operating systems, processor types and network connections. We have access to 100+ physical devices as well as licenses to use cloud-based device-testing services. Our mobile test experts use manual testing to validate quality across all predefined devices. When operating system updates are released in the market, the new releases can break existing apps. Our testing services ensure that your apps are fixed in a timely manner before new updates to operating systems hit the market.

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