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Fraud Alert

Beware of Fraudulent Offers & Scams

Arcgate Technologies LLP ("Arcgate") has been made aware of fraudulent activities attempting to exploit the Arcgate name or impersonate its employees or representatives. These scams typically target job seekers, freelance contractors, or Arcgate partners and vendors, and they can occur through email, phone calls, or text messages via platforms like WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Examples of these scams and fraud include:

  • Soliciting payment from job seekers under the guise of covering recruitment expenses.
  • Offering false work opportunities where individuals complete tasks but are not compensated.
  • Sending messages from fake domains resembling Arcgate's, such as arcgatetechnology@gmail.com or Recruiting@arcgate-job.in, to arrange fake job interviews.
  • Sending phishing messages or links that appear to be from Arcgate.

It's important to note that Arcgate, its employees, and partners are not involved in these scams and will never ask for payment for interviews or work opportunities. Arcgate does not utilize personal email services like Gmail or Yahoo for official communications, nor does it conduct business through chat messages.

If you are currently engaged with Arcgate as a partner or contractor and receive suspicious communication, verify its authenticity by contacting your Arcgate representative directly. For individuals or organizations unsure about the legitimacy of correspondence claiming to be from Arcgate, you can contact us on the phone number listed on https://www.arcgate.com/contact to confirm its authenticity.

Legitimate communications regarding interviews or job offers from Arcgate will only come from official email addresses ending in @arcgate.com. Be cautious of any emails claiming to be from Arcgate but using domains other than @arcgate.com. Additionally, Arcgate will never request payment of any kind during the hiring process, even for overseas applicants.

Here are some tips to identify phishing scams:

  • Watch out for generic emails lacking specific information.
  • Be aware that Arcgate does not offer online data entry work or work-from-home opportunities with high weekly pay. If you encounter such offers, report them immediately to us and escalate the matter to local legal authorities.
  • Check for incorrect domain names or email addresses that may contain misspellings.
  • Be wary of requests for financial information or payments as a condition of employment.
  • Be cautious of job postings offering unrealistically high compensation for minimal skills or experience.