Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance & Testing

The agile approach to software development emphasizes bringing products to market quickly to take advantage of new opportunities. This imperative to move quickly puts immense pressure on the ability to get quality software to users with every release cycle. Defects and performance issues frequently go undetected until after the application is deployed into production, causing disruptions, fire drills and dissatisfaction.

Based on our experience delivering quality-engineering services to startups, we believe that leveraging a dedicated outsourced Software Testing team for both manual and automated QA has immense benefits. The right software QA team and approach can quickly bring and tangible improvements to your development cycle. It results in predictable software quality and more time to focus on building better solutions. Having a dedicated outsourced QA team prevents testing for quality at the end. Instead testing becomes part of the application development life cycle every day as code gets checked in. Developers and testers work together to enforce quality during sprint cycles to avoid delays and problems.

We offer a proven commitment to quality, accuracy, scale and low costs when working on your QA & Testing needs. Our experienced dedicated QA analysts work with your engineering team on every sprint to make sure that all issues are documented in detail in bug tracking tools like JIRA. We clearly outline the steps to reproduce the issue along with screenshots and OS/browser version details to help engineers identify the problem quickly. We maintain a Test Case Suite for every module to help with detailed regression testing. We participate in daily Scrum calls and run test cycles before and after every release.

Our Quality Assurance Services

Functional Testing
Each use case is documented, step by step, and run through to validate its actual results against the expected results. We do a feature-by-feature validation of behavior, using a wide range of normal and erroneous input data.

Regression Testing
Consistent, repeatable validation of each new software release to ensure that new quality problems are not introduced due to the changes.

Mobile Application Testing
Arcgate mobile application testing brings together our deep expertise in mobile technologies and strong end-to-end testing practices to help startups fast track app releases and updates. We focus on verifying performance over different network connections, integration with the back-end APIs, detailed review of app functionality and overall performance. We test scenarios involving variable bandwidth, offline mode, and behavior of user sessions when moving between different network conditions.

Compatibility Testing
We verify that your application looks and functions the same across all supported hardware and software configurations. The variables typically include browsers, operating systems, processor types and network connections. In our Mobile Testing Center of Excellence, we have access to 50+ physical devices as well as licenses to use cloud-based device-testing services. Our mobile test experts use manual testing to validate quality across all pre-defined devices.

When operating system updates are released in the market, the new releases can break existing apps. Our testing services ensure that your apps are fixed in a timely manner before new updates to operating systems hit the market.

Performance Benchmarking
This is conducted to evaluate the system’s ability to meet the required performance levels. Performance testing is not only used for validating system architecture, it is a systematic approach to scaling appropriate back-end systems. Mobile solutions can overload servers, through the rapid growth in the number of users or bugs that result in recursive calls to the backend APIs. This can have a performance impact on all users. Also, there are significant performance differences across different types of devices. An app or responsive web may run well on a high-end device but may not be acceptable on a low-end device.

Security Testing
Involves the tests to identify any flaws and gaps from a security point of view.

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