Zendesk Admin Support Outsourcing Services

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Become an Arcgatian. Join our team and deliver outsourcing services to the most innovative companies in the world.

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We are hiring! Become an Arcgatian. Join our team and deliver outsourcing services to the most innovative companies in the world.

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Zendesk Admin Support Outsourcing

We recognize the significance of customer support for your business. We offer a range of Zendesk services to help you deliver exceptional customer service. Whether you require assistance in configuring Zendesk for the first time or optimizing an existing instance with continuous support, our team of certified administrators possesses the requisite skills and expertise to assist you. Our Zendesk Admin Support Outsourcing Services have been thoughtfully crafted to elevate your customer support process to the next level and elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

Our Zendesk Administrator Outsourced Services

User and Profile Management

We can set up new user accounts, deactivate users, unlock user accounts, reset passwords, and manage roles and permissions to ensure that users have the appropriate access levels and security settings based on their roles and responsibilities.

Configuring and Customizing Zendesk

We help you configure Zendesk to meet your business requirements, including creating custom fields, objects, and workflows. We can also create custom apps to automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex workflows.

Ticket Management

We help you streamline your customer support process by managing and organizing tickets efficiently. This includes setting up custom ticket fields, automating ticket routing, and creating macros to handle common issues quickly.

Reporting and Advanced Analytics

We build custom reports and dashboards in Zendesk to help you track key metrics and make data-driven decisions. Our team can help you manage your Zendesk data efficiently. We can import and export data, create custom reports and dashboards, and ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Maintaining and Monitoring Zendesk

We provide ongoing support to ensure that your Zendesk instance is running smoothly. This includes performing regular system updates and backups, monitoring system performance, and troubleshooting issues.

Training and Support

We create helpful training materials, conduct training sessions, and offer ongoing support to Zendesk users. We are dedicated to equipping the users with the skills and knowledge they need to utilize the Zendesk platform effectively.

Collaborating with Teams

We work with your organization's departments and teams to configure Zendesk's collaborative features, such as team views, internal notes, and shared ticket views. Our aim is to improve communication and streamline workflows, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing personalized support to help you maximize the benefits of Zendesk.

Zendesk Integrations

We configure and manage Zendesk integrations, including third-party apps like Jira, Salesforce, Slack, Shopify, and SurveyMonkey. Our team develops custom integrations and automates tasks through the Zendesk API. We also create custom apps to extend Zendesk's functionality and improve the customer experience. Our solutions streamline workflows and enhance customer satisfaction.

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