Navigating through the ecommerce world!

Navigating through the ecommerce world!

Ecommerce is driven by technology, but there’s still a lot of work that people have to do. Someone has to write product descriptions, upload product images, create listings, provide customer support, and manage accounts and marketing and much more. However, of all these tasks – product description, classification, categorization and navigation are a backbone for successful marketing, discovery and sale of products listed on ecommerce sites, be it the likes of Amazon, eBay, Craigslist or any other.

Classification plays an important part in product discovery on any ecommerce site or marketplace; hence it is extremely crucial that the products are listed in accurate categories. Most of the ecommerce marketplaces have a large number of business users list their products and expect to find buyers for their products that come in all sorts of colors, sizes, brands, prices etc. It is pivotal to get this categorization right in ecommerce as it helps consumers find what they are looking to buy.

Navigation is incredibly important for online retail success. It sounds pretty obvious and straight forward, but if customers cannot find what they want to buy on the website, chances are, they will walk away without buying any stuff. Not only bad product categorization, but poor product photography and poor product descriptions are conversion killers. However, these are issues that all ecommerce players have a control over, yet many of them still end up losing on their sales because it is not done correctly and effectively. Good product categorization drives conversions, retention and growth. So improving your product photography, product description and product classification can increase the findability significantly, which means, your customers can easily find what they are looking for on your site. Ecommerce sites or a marketplace which fail to convert some of their customers is simply because they ignore or lack good product meta data.

We believe that a clear and well thought-out product categorization, a good navigation, high quality product photography and great product description are key drivers to conversion. If your customers cannot find it; they cannot buy it. Most customers looking to buy anything online begin their search by browsing through product categories and if you as an online retailer get this wrong, it results in a poor first impression and frustrating shopping experience for your customers.

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