People Management

People Management

Teams usually have people with different personalities, background, personal goals, skills and motivation levels. Good leadership is supportive in nature and involves the team instead of forcing people into a direction.

Key components of supporting leadership that helps you bring out the best in your team

  • Supportive, not coercive
  • Develop an inspiring vision
  • Avoid ego games
  • Win the loyalty of others
  • Achieve lasting results
  • Combine intuition with common sense
  • Lead by example

An effective leader makes sure that individual goals align with organizational and project goals. They support the team by mentoring and communicating effectively. The team needs to have a clear understanding of the tasks, milestones, goals and most importantly the significance of the project to the organization. Leaders know the skills of each person on the team and get to know people on a personal level. Leadership is an art that values the power of individuals to work as a group to make a difference.

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