Arcgate – The Leap Taker

Arcgate - The Leap Taker

As our founder Kunal Bagla shares his vision and thoughts on “The Leap Taker” series on CNBC on what makes us tick; we Arcgations can’t help but feel filled with pride of not only his accomplishments but the fact that we all work together – each day with passion – toward achieving such milestones. And about our founder, what can we say – his journey has been commendable to say the least.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think it’s necessary to move to a bigger metropolitan city to make it big – particularly if that business is of IT and ITES services. However, in this modern age of entrepreneurship, location did not stop him from starting Arcgate in Udaipur and dreaming big! In fact, he used it to his advantage. He moved back from the US to start Arcgate, in Udaipur – his hometown, where he wanted to stay put and in doing so, he also created opportunities for young professionals who could now do what they love with the advantage of being closer to their families and in a city with a better quality of life (think less traffic, more parks, lesser commute time..). Although not everything has been hunky-dory in getting where we are today – as we all understand that recruiting is hard with a smaller population, but that did not stop him from following his heart – he honed his pitch to hire and recruit from the talent of pool of surrounding and neighboring cities as well. Our company in Udaipur – is a living example that it is possible to build a thriving company of 2000+ people in a location other than the likes of Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurugram and all!

So here’s a big cheer to him and all of us! Keep dreaming and keep it movin’ as we like to call it.


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