What Is BPO and Why Can It Be a Good Career Choice?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the process of delegating specific processes or tasks to outside service providers. You can think of it as an extension of your back office at a different location. These processes can include data entry, human resources, finance operations, customer support, technical tasks, and administrative and operational tasks.

The scope of BPO services is fairly wide. To meet the constantly evolving demands of businesses across various industries and the advances in technologies such as AI, new services are frequently introduced. BPO has become a critical component for any organization since it helps businesses increase productivity, reduce cost, and focus on innovation. The outsourcing industry globally has witnessed significant growth over the last two decades.

Due to availability of highly qualified talent pools and low cost, several countries such as India, Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Mexico, Malaysia, and Vietnam have emerged as major hubs for business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

The BPO sector is more than just outsourcing business operations. It is also about creating a culture of constant learning, agility, and global cooperation. This results in creating a workforce that is dynamic, knowledgeable, and future-ready.

Getting your career started and growing in the BPO industry

Exposure to diverse sectors and industries

You will get exposure to a variety of sectors and company operations while working in the BPO industry. This helps you expand your expertise and skill sets in diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and more.

Cultural competence

Because the BPO sector is global, you will frequently collaborate with clients and associates from around the world. This exposure helps develop cultural competency, which is an essential ability in today’s globalized world. Being able to navigate and understand other cultures is a huge benefit in your professional growth.

Technological proficiency and skill enhancement

All BPO processes integrate Human-in-the-Loop with machines to optimize workflows and use the best of automation along with human creativity and intelligence. Working as a BPO professional you will get opportunities to become proficient with a wide range of software and tools which will improve your technical skills. This will not only make you stand out in today’s competitive job market but also prepare you to adjust to the quickly changing digital world

Communication and soft skills

Whether you are working on voice or non-voice BPO processes, you will have to communicate with users and client team members from different countries. This will help improve your communication skills and language proficiency along with soft skills like empathy, active listening, and problem-solving.

Adaptability and resilience

The BPO industry works in a dynamic and fast-paced setting. When you work in BPO, become resilient and adaptive. In addition to learning skills that are useful in various fields, you also learn how to overcome obstacles, keep up with industry trends, and quickly adapt to new technologies.

Continuous learning and upskilling

When working in the BPO industry you will get ongoing learning, skilling and development opportunities. The best BPO firms will have a formal Learning & Development program for their employees. In addition, client engagements will also incorporate learning of new processes and workflows. All this will help you stay ahead of the latest industry trends and best practices.

Career progression opportunities

The BPO industry provides a structured career progression path for employees. Professionals can climb the career ladder by taking on more challenging roles, leadership positions, and specialized responsibilities.

Networking and collaboration

BPO professionals collaborate with diverse teams, both internally and externally. Networking opportunities contribute to professional growth, exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Why start your BPO career at Arcgate?

Arcgate, headquartered in Udaipur, Rajasthan started in 2005. In the last 18+ years, we have earned the trust of leading startups in the US market. We have grown from a tiny startup with 3 people to a fast-growing team of 2500+ people passionate about data and technology. Our people get the experience of working with the top startups in the world on cutting-edge projects involving AI, data, customer experience, technology and quality engineering.

Dun & Bradstreet, the leading business credit rating agency in the world ranked Arcgate as the Best Mid-Sized Enterprise in the IT & ITeS sector in India. We are today at the forefront of the outsourcing revolution for startups in the AI-first world.

India is a land of diverse cultures, languages and people. This diversity is the core value of Arcgate and is reflected in our workforce, values, and culture. We strive to offer each Arcgatian opportunities to learn and contribute to the growth of business and society.

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